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Lower Labor and Control Costs

EHS Insight helps companies save money with easy data management that captures, stores, and analyzes workplace health and safety information.

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Save Time with Simple Implementation and Usage 

Get ready to use EHS Insight ASAP with the solution that can help you in as quickly as days or weeks instead of months.

Easily Stay Fully Compliant

Gain full transparency with ease of viewing and analysis, and promote year-round compliance with all safety regulations.

Access Anywhere, Anytime - It Works Offline

EHS Insight works offline so you can access your platform anywhere, anytime. 

Manage On-The-Go - Fully Mobile Friendly 

Unlike many software, EHS Insight was built to be used on any device. With mobile capabilities, you have the flexibility of managing EHS on-the-go!

Everything You Need for Your Workplace’s Health and Safety Management

Adopt a solution based on best practices and standards, and modify and customize it to meet your company’s specific needs.

Configuration and Customization Options

Integrated and Comprehensive Platform

Connect to all your of your data with a comprehensive suite of modules, governance and data management, analytics, advanced workflows, and collaboration.

Cloud Based and Works Offline! 

Never lose any records again. Our cloud-based platform means you’re foolproofing your company’s health and safety. Plus, it works offline!  

What Are Companies Saying About EHS Insight? 

[EHS Insight] is every bit as powerful as a higher priced competitor such as Enablon, Intelex, etc. An improvement to our previous processes in every way. More efficient, more effective. The training management and online training options are amazing and well worth the money. [EHS] is also great to work with. They help you develop a plan and timeline for implementation and support you throughout the process and beyond 

Richard A., Safety Director

We have realized that not having a CAPA system and managing via spreadsheet is completely inefficient and surprisingly laborious. The inspection/audit templates were very helpful as well. [EHS Insight] was very easy to author training for and the feedback upon implementation at the desk level was positive.  

William C., QHSSE Director 

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Stay fully compliant while improving your workflow and saving time and costs.

Configuration and Customization Options 

Overseeing health, safety, sustainability, risk, and compliance is a challenging task, and we're here to support you.

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